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Custom Responsive Website Design for Insurance Adjustment Company

Meet our client

JMR Adjustment is a company that helps clients deal with insurance claims through a disaster situation, and makes sure that they get the check they deserve and paid for. Licensed in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, JMR Adjustment has individuals who are experienced in analyzing coverage, evaluating damage appraisals and implementing actions designed to achieve the timely processing and resolution of claims.

How we help them succeed

Expanding from Rhode Island into Massachusetts and Connecticut, JMR Adjustment was in need of a website redesign to properly market to a wider customer base and improve their branding. That’s where we come in. Their custom website explains what insurance adjustment is and how it works. To clarify, we added a frequently asked question section, as well as a place to review client testimonials. The benefit of having a uniquely designed website in this line of work is the ability to educate the consumer on the benefits of using an insurance adjustment company when you have an insurance claim.

Launch date: November 2019

Curious about how this project came out? Take a look for yourself.

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"I give Robin 5 stars out of 5. I enjoyed the whole process. It was fairly hands off on our end - they do so much. I would definitely recommend Web Design by Robin to others."

Brennan Lenane
Consultant, JMR Adjustment


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Before and After

JMR Adjustment website before the redesign and after